A Dayton Dérive

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The Linden Center

James Pate’s Mural

The Classic Theatre

The Paul Laurence Dunbar House


Promotional Video

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The Brown Dance Project

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I have decided to use the first five or six post on this blog to give a little background info on places and projects that I’m involved in.  One of those is the Brown Dance Project.  The company and the Artistic Director, Rodney A. Brown, definitely hold a special place in my artistic heart.  Each work “Brown” creates incites curiosity, provokes introspective thought and uses dance as a platform for social justice.  I am truly proud to be apart of such a clear and concise artistic vision for dance.  Checkout the video below (studio rehearsal session) and the links to the company website etc. I have also include the mission statement from the company’s website.

“Conceived in 2007 by Rodney A. Brown, The Brown Dance Project is a community-based dance company comprised of a diverse group of dance artists. Focused on issues in social justice, The BDP’s mission is to explore the human condition and experience through dance. Brown shaped The Brown Dance Project out of his necessity to continue creating his own work. A traveling entity, The Brown Dance Project settles and travels as its directors create work. The BDP has the unique ability to operate as many or as one.” (taken from the BDP website)

Brown Dance Project

Rodney A. Brown At Sante Fe College

Artist in Residence

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This year I have been given the task of being the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company’s Artist in Residence liaison for the University of Dayton.  This passed spring and summer Susan Byrnes, the director of ArtStreet and myself spent a lot of time planning the programming for the year and many of those workshops and inclusions have already past.  Nevertheless, if you are a university of Dayton Student and still wish to make a connection with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company there are opportunities still available.  Also, if you’re reading this and you aren’t a UD student but still want to know what we’ve been up to there is a link below to the ArtStreet Artist in Residence blog as well as one the ArtStreet Website.  The experience as a resident artist is certainly a new one for me but it is no less rewarding.

ArtStreet Website:  http://artstreet.udayton.edu/

Artist in Residence Blog:  http://artsatud.tumblr.com/

Dance and Music: A Collaborative Necessity

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I have always enjoyed performing in collaborative productions.  The meeting of Artistic plural minds to create a singular work always leads to endless possibilities.  I am especially interested in those colaborations that involve live music.   As a ‘starving artist’ the pleasure of the present musician can be hard to come by.   I am sure that’s why I feel so honored to have been offered the time, space and support for my most recent work with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Unrested and Unfaithful.  The work premeiered on DCDC’s Fall Concert a couple of weekends ago in Dayton, OH with music composed and performed by the Khalid Moss Trio.   The photos below were shot by Andy Snow, an internationally recognized dance photographer.  

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And So It Begins…

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Hello World!  Welcome to my Blog.  It’s all the latest info on my work.  Where I am and what am doing as it relates to choreography, teaching and other dance happenings.  Please feel free to comment on any of the pictures, videos or posts.  Your positive feedback is always welcomed.  The photo to the right is from a shoot I did for Rodney A. Brown, Artistic director of the Brown Dance Project and the stunning mural in the background was painted by James Pate, an artist based in Dayton, OH.