Dance and Music: A Collaborative Necessity

I have always enjoyed performing in collaborative productions.  The meeting of Artistic plural minds to create a singular work always leads to endless possibilities.  I am especially interested in those colaborations that involve live music.   As a ‘starving artist’ the pleasure of the present musician can be hard to come by.   I am sure that’s why I feel so honored to have been offered the time, space and support for my most recent work with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Unrested and Unfaithful.  The work premeiered on DCDC’s Fall Concert a couple of weekends ago in Dayton, OH with music composed and performed by the Khalid Moss Trio.   The photos below were shot by Andy Snow, an internationally recognized dance photographer.  

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~ by cmichelledance on October 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dance and Music: A Collaborative Necessity”

  1. “Unrested and Unfaithful” was simply beautiful. Your process from concept to performace alwasys touches me in a very special and spiritual place. The way you verbally and physically explain your point of view is consistently clear, and I appreciate your work, as it speaks to my own experiences as a young female dance artist of African descent. The addition of LIVE music by the Khalid Moss Trio added yet another level of intensity to your “gestural” movements. THANK YOU!…Congrats on your blog!….Peace and blessings to you as you continue on your journey…


  2. Artistic collaborations are a great challenge to marry two or more artists working together under a common theme or goal. When all are on one accord, the final results can be unforgettable.

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