Artist in Residence

This year I have been given the task of being the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company’s Artist in Residence liaison for the University of Dayton.  This passed spring and summer Susan Byrnes, the director of ArtStreet and myself spent a lot of time planning the programming for the year and many of those workshops and inclusions have already past.  Nevertheless, if you are a university of Dayton Student and still wish to make a connection with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company there are opportunities still available.  Also, if you’re reading this and you aren’t a UD student but still want to know what we’ve been up to there is a link below to the ArtStreet Artist in Residence blog as well as one the ArtStreet Website.  The experience as a resident artist is certainly a new one for me but it is no less rewarding.

ArtStreet Website:

Artist in Residence Blog:


~ by cmichelledance on November 3, 2010.

One Response to “Artist in Residence”

  1. Outreach Programs are a great opportunity for the community to experience and understand the creative process of artists. I feel if more people have a more hands on approach to the arts they will be willing to support the arts more.

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