The Brown Dance Project

I have decided to use the first five or six post on this blog to give a little background info on places and projects that I’m involved in.  One of those is the Brown Dance Project.  The company and the Artistic Director, Rodney A. Brown, definitely hold a special place in my artistic heart.  Each work “Brown” creates incites curiosity, provokes introspective thought and uses dance as a platform for social justice.  I am truly proud to be apart of such a clear and concise artistic vision for dance.  Checkout the video below (studio rehearsal session) and the links to the company website etc. I have also include the mission statement from the company’s website.

“Conceived in 2007 by Rodney A. Brown, The Brown Dance Project is a community-based dance company comprised of a diverse group of dance artists. Focused on issues in social justice, The BDP’s mission is to explore the human condition and experience through dance. Brown shaped The Brown Dance Project out of his necessity to continue creating his own work. A traveling entity, The Brown Dance Project settles and travels as its directors create work. The BDP has the unique ability to operate as many or as one.” (taken from the BDP website)

Brown Dance Project

Rodney A. Brown At Sante Fe College


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One Response to “The Brown Dance Project”

  1. I respect and appreciate Brown’s exploration of the dance vocabulary with social issues. He always stays true to his vision and purpose.

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